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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Invite each other to date

If you have been together for many years, then you know that over time the relationship becomes more serious and reliable, but sometimes you want the ease that was present in your relationship at the beginning. To preserve the freshness in the relationship, invite each other to date. Here are a few ideas.


To enjoy socializing with each other, not necessarily to go out with a Russian girl. Try to make some unusual and complex dish. In the process of cooking, you can say enough enough, and after a delicious dinner, get on the couch with a couple of glasses of wine and watch an interesting movie.


Fresh air will breathe freshness into your relationship, so often arrange visits to the outdoors with a Russian girl. In the summer you can go along on a picnic or the beach, and in winter - skiing, sledding or skating.

The shared goal

If you are planning, for example, to move into a new apartment, try to find suitable options, along with a Russian girl. Discussion of pros and cons of your future home, and joint plans for the future is pull together. If you have free time, consider the pictures posh homes that you still can not afford and do not be afraid to dream (maybe one day these dreams will come true).


Go with an interesting master class, try to make something with their hands, and then compare the results. Or sign up for foreign language courses. Together to learn a lot more interesting.

Board Games

Spend a few evenings of the joint lottery or game of monopoly. You can play alone or invite friends. Board games - a fun and exciting entertainment, and you do not even notice that fly a few hours for a game.

An unusual situation

If you are looking for new sensations, play the "role-playing games." For example, you rent a room in the hotel and spend the night with a Russian girl. Or go to a favorite restaurant alone, and then "as if by chance" encounter. You can come up with a lot of options. Do not be afraid to dream and to share their ideas with a partner - perhaps he had long dreamed of such a way to spend an evening.

Sure, communicating in a new way is fine, but in any relationship communication is present in addition to sex. Try to revive your sex life: buy a new beautiful clothes, make a loved one massage with aromatic oils, to realize their sexual fantasies. New emotions can help you re-feel what you felt at the beginning of their relationship.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to get acquainted with Russian girl VKontakte.

So, again, the conversation will go about dating. In spite of the total global distribution and popularity of social networks, until now, many are wondering how to become acquainted with the girl. In the future it will be about how to meet a girl in a social network, and in particular how to get acquainted with Russian girl in contact. The answer is not complicated, but neodnoznachen.Nayti Russian girl in contact of course much easier than to do it for chapels capabilities of your computer. I assume that everyone already know how to use the search bar in contact, so I will not dwell on the fact that the press and to which to write. But before, something to write, in order to decide their own searches. Decide who you're looking for, just a friend, a girl for a relationship, the love of your life or a small hobby for a couple of weeks or even for one night. If your needs meet the latter option, you say you were wrong site for you, there are separate networks. Based on the chosen option will build your future strategy.

Contact inherently no different from the usual social network for dating. It is the same people, the same questionnaire, you are experiencing the same issue - how to get acquainted with Russian girl on the internet and there is absolutely the same opportunity to think about how much do you need this knowledge. Find several options. Carefully read the profiles of all your favorite girls. It is better to look for so that their number does not exceed 10 at a time, otherwise you can before the end of his days to study the questionnaires, for the reason that they are there too much, but it also says the fact that you're sure to find what you are looking for well, or that which is looking for.

Actually on to meet with a Russian girl in contact after decide the objectives, it is better to go into action. The easiest way to start the acquaintance with the word "hello" and then everything will depend on you, show imagination. After this you will get acquainted with the girl, not me. You can, of course, use the popular cliche for dating or subtract somewhere fancy phrases to get you started. And how will you communicate now? Learn all the possible combinations of dialogues with some pick-up forum? And so long you pull? If you think this is a good idea, it may not have read the above written.

In conversation with a girl is best to be yourself, and as they say "who is treated by the book - he will die from errors", so that all the advice you gleaned on the Internet should only help you uncover some of the nuances and give self-confidence, and you have to act themselves. It's your life and no one do it for you will not live.

Discovering it is not as difficult as you think. Create a profile and write the first girl you like. Most importantly, remember that necessarily need to be polite and be yourself. There is no need what intrigues zamorochek, fictional characters, fictional dialogues and situations. But if you really wanted all this, join a theater workshop and invite a girl on your first gig, she will appreciate it more than a useless invention.

After some time communicating on the Internet, if you've finally convinced that the girl you really like, you can move on to the stage where you take her phone number. If you have been honest with her and showed himself as a good conversationalist and interesting people, it definitely will not refuse to meet you.

P.S. If anyone was expecting to find here the instructions to the relatives that they write for household appliances, then he needs to radically rethink its attitude to the girls, and indeed to the people. Not one person there are no standard approaches that can be described by the actions. Every person is different. Listen carefully to what he says to you, pay attention to his behavior and then you will understand how and what to do and there is no need to search millions of useless advice on the Internet.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Russian Natasha will bring happiness to any

Why Muscovites are not listed?
- Foreigners prefer to take wives from the Russian hinterland, and not from the capital. Because it already clear that Muscovites are more ambitious.
 They have higher demands. Why not forgive her Metropolitan Bride "foreign prince," is the poverty line. And heaven in a tent does not agree.
 Muscovite not go to an abandoned ranch in Texas. They seek to large cities. And by the way, pretty quickly mastered them.
 Capital "stuff" easily "make a leg" if the marriage is in some ways did not match their dreams.

Russian Natasha will bring happiness to any sultry Mahmoud
 They are eager to make a career and that of their foreign spouses besyat. After all, they are discharged from Russia as a housewife.
 It hurts husbands of foreign wives of Russian ingratitude, especially in Moscow. 30% of the overseas men believe that women are trafficked from the wild and poor countries (especially complex "missionaries" sinned Americans). Expect from her expressions of eternal gratitude. But does Muscovites thanks will wait?
 And Moscow girls (though, like all Russian woman) too much talk on the phone, do not save electricity, fantastically fast despise money on shopping and - most unbearable - like to invite the "crazy" guests that instead of a sit an hour before midnight, saying only in Russian, loud, drunk and be sure to get into the criminal history.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Russian women brides

During lunch, the Mariner did not stop. He began by saying that Colley advised to see the exhibition of modern painting in a small art gallery. There are unknown artists whose pictures in a few years will be very expensive. Since he switched to painting to music.
Collie was sitting, eating, muttering under his breath, and Pablo enjoyed both meals and activities Mariner.
- Paris - the capital of the avant-garde films - he said, russian women duck. - It seems to me that you do not have is time to go to the movies, to a man of your rank should not miss some of the movies.
Pablo pointed out, as Colley responded to the brilliant speech Mariner. He did not give him the opportunity to make comments His monologue went on for as long as brought dessert - a mountain ash in Champaign, from which the American and Pablo refused.
When you have finished eating and drinking coffee, called Mariner offi-bract.
- Do you have remained my favorite drink, Charles?
- Of course, Monsieur Mariner. The Englishman turned and smiled at Collie.
- Brandy nineteen hundred six. Excellent drink.
- I prefer a double whiskey, - said russian women. Mariner looked at Pablo, and he also ordered a brandy.
The Mexican said that they were the first words he uttered since the advent of Mariner.
They brought whiskey and two of brandy. Then he lit a cigarette, an Englishman, demonstrating Collie gold cigarette case, decorated with diamonds.
- You do not suggesting, Mr. Colley, - russian women said, reaching for a cigarette lighter - I'm sure you love cigars.
Pablo took a cigarette offered by Mariner. He noted with pleasure that the Englishman just hypnotized Collie.
Russian women, with his ease of communication with the head waiter and waitress, called in American inferiority complex. In this complex affects the citizens of the United States.
- Oh, Mr. Colley - said Ronald, comfortably sitting in a chair. - Let's talk about the case. Naturally, you want to know what you are buying. Let me briefly tell you about myself. I'm thirty-nine years.

Stereotypes of russian women

- Of course, Monsieur Mariner. - With these words, the maitre d 'walked around the table and handed menus Collie.
Caught off guard, he stared blankly at the menu, which does not understand a word because it was written in French.
- Russian women have onion soup and steak - he muttered sheepishly.
They brought a dry wine for Mariner. He tried it and said approvingly:
- Fine, Charles.
- What do you want, Mr. Collie? - Said the head waiter, leaning toward him.
Mariner is not even looked at the menu.
- How do lobsters?
- Magnificent, M. Mariner.
- Then roasted lobster and duck.
- Excellent choice, monsieur Mariner. The Englishman smiled Pablo.
- I advise you to take the same, buddy. They are great.
Pablo died from hunger and agreed immediately, and then smiled a dazzling American Mariner.
- Pablo I explained the situation, Mr. Colley, and it seemed to me interesting. I propose to discuss the details of the afternoon. You should not do business at this time. First taste of pleasure, and then you can and get to work.
He laughed again, her melodious laughter, and not allowing Collie insert a word, when, to tell him the story russian women hotel.
He mentioned the illustrious names as if he knew close to these people. He told several amusing anecdotes about the eccentric clients. Amazed Collie listened with wide-open mouth.
They brought onion soup and lobster. Then next to russian women came the waiter.
- Mr Collie guest, Charles, - again repeated the Englishman. - This wonderful basement, Mr. Colley. If you have not tried nutmeg one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eighth year, you should try it. I think they still have a few more bottles, is not it, Charles?
The waiter smiled with happiness.
- For you, anything you like, Monsieur Mariner!
Colley, who knew nothing about wine, was impressed. He nodded his head:
- Well, let's.

Sasha dith russian girls lyrics

- Mariner Monsieur, what joy! You have a very forgotten.
Since the conversation was in French, Collie, unblinking, staring at Pablo.
- What did russian women say?
- Russian women said she was very pleased to see again M. Mariner - Pablo explained.
- No kidding? I thought he'd never say that. - Collie watched the Mariner shakes hands with him exchanging phrases, then the employee took him to the table.
Along the way, Ronald stopped and greeted old and bald waiter.
- Oh, Henry, I thought you were already retired - russian women said, shaking his hand.
- Damn it! - Muttered Collie. - It seems that this type is all well know.
- Just as he is known in all the famous restaurants in Paris - Pablo assured him, admiring the appearance of Mariner. - I've already talked about this., Mr. Colley. It is the highest class.
Mariner came to their table.
- Hello, Pablo! - He said, smiling Marti-am, then turned to a thick American: - You must be Mr. Collie? I - Mariner.
Collies raised his little eyes. Pablo was afraid that the Americans would say nothing. Apparently, the confidence with which kept Mariner, his kindness made an impression on the Collie.
- Yes. Martinez told me about you.
Garson rushed to put a chair Mariner. He sat down.
- I've been here a year - he said - but keep the most pleasant memories of this hotel.
The waiter appeared.
- As usual, Monsieur Mariner?
He nodded his head. Colley opened his eyes wide. Offi-bract away, but instead appeared maitre d with menu in hand. Ronald said the American.

Why do men like russian women

I'm sure of it and would cause russian women to lose so much time, if I had the slightest doubt.
Collie thought for a moment, then shrugged.
- Well, maybe a bad thing. I agree. Let him come tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock,
Mariner was categorical about the time and place of meeting with the Collie. "Even if this type does not want me to work on him - said he was Pablo - then let him offer a good dinner, tell him that we meet in" Ritse "in the hour of the day or I'm not coming at russian women."
Pablo said Colley:
- I think it would be imprudent, Mr. Colley, shown here in company with him. Russian womencan see you together. My people are very busy, but he did meet with you in the "Ritse" in the hour of the day ...
- And I do not care what it is busy or not, - muttered Collie - I'm crying or is it?
- We do not know. This man is the highest class, and he has a lot of things in mind. I think it would be helpful for you to meet him, as he suggests. These gigolos can sometimes be helpful, Mr. Colley - seriously Pablo said.
- When he convinces Balboa lord give us two million dollars, maybe I'll believe. - Collie extinguished cigar in the ashtray and stood up. - So, in the "Ritse" - Pablo and patted on the shoulder. - You have worked well, Martinez. - It pulled out his wallet and pulled out a dollar bill into a hundred dollars. - Hold.
Two fingers of Pablo closed the bill, and Collie, swaying, heavy steps toward the elevator ...

Pablo, who was sitting in company with Colley at a table in the corner of the bar of the restaurant "Ritz," watched with interest the appearance Mariner.
- There he is, Mr. Colley, a Mexican-whispered. Since the Mariner was late in the quarter of an hour, Collie
was in a terrible mood.
- For whom he accepts me? - He roared from time to time. - Gigolo Damn!
But the arrival of Mariner made a great impression on him. Dressed in a beige suit, the Englishman stood in the doorway to the careless attitude, very confident, feeling that he is irresistible.